Who we are

Zero Hedge is a part of Partnerinwestgruppen AB. A mother company who has been working since 1996 and working in 15 different fields. Zerohedge is part of the PartnerInWest group that has been active in corporate development, business law, and business sales for over 20 years. Zerohedge's focus is on helping companies that are in crisis, financial predicament or in a legal dispute. We have worked with company restructuring for over 20 years and worked actively with negotiations and liquidation. Go to the Services tab to read more about what we can help you with!

What we offer

We offer full service to you: We help with: Negotiation with suppliers, property owners, third parties and the district court. Is it difficult to pay for goods or materials due to high purchase prices? We negotiate the prices so that you get more profit from sales. Do you pay a high rent for your business premises? We help you negotiate the price of the rent. Are you in a legal dispute? Zerohedge has experienced lawyers who will help you win your case. Zerohedge helps your business, before it has time to go bankrupt! Have you experienced financial problems because of lower sales due to the corona virus? Zerohedge has been working with corporate reorganization for 20 years, we have succeeded in helping companies save money through re-prioritization and negotiations, increased profit margins and saved companies from economic crises. Call us and we will make sure to help you!

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